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The Purge: New York's No Prep Shootout
     The Purge No Prep Shootout will take place at Empire Dragway in Leicester, NY on July 7-8, 2017. Presented by National No Prep Racing Association and Northern Racing Unlimited, The Purge will have over $35,000 in payouts. There are several local racers confirmed, including several of the Buffalo Street Outlaws. Additionally, racers featured on the show "Street Outlaws" will race in the event, including James Finney's "Birdman", Michael Henson's "Plan B", and Chuck Parker's "The 55".
     No prep racing is a new brand of racing that has grown in popularity over the past several years. No prep is short for "no preparation", which means that the track is not sprayed with traction compound before or during the event. The purpose of no prep is to stimulate the surface of the street. Races are heads up and no times are shown. No prep does not mean no safety! All cars must pass a safety tech inspection and the track surface is monitored for safety as well.


All classes will have a set of general rules that will be standard across the board. First and foremost, all vehicles (cars, bikes, sleds, etc) are required to pass a safety tech inspection with Empire Dragway prior to running their car on the track. Empire Dragway staff will ensure that your vehicle is in accordance with the safety requirements for the time your vehicle runs. Empire Dragway will have final say on the safety tech inspection.

All drivers will be required to attend a driver's meeting on the day they are racing, in order to clarify rules and answer any questions.


All classes will start with an instant green or flashlight start (even index classes). There will be no amber bulbs at all! No water burnouts will be allowed, ONLY VHT burnouts for all classes.


Courtesy staging is in effect. This means both drivers need to be pre-staged (single bulb) before either driver can stage (double bulb). If a driver stages before the other driver pre-stages, the second driver should wait for the first to be backed out. If the second driver stages, they are accepting the stage and the race will continue. Deep staging is allowed.

After both drivers are pre-staged, one driver will stage and this will start a 7-second timeout. If the other driver fails to stage within 7-seconds they will get a redlight and take an automatic loss. 


A driver will be disqualified if they hit either walls; cross the center line; or get a red light for jumping, timing out, or breaking out of their index class. The first is worst rule applies, meaning that whichever car jumps, red lights, or hits a wall first will be DQ'd. The other driver will advance to the next round.